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Online Casino Software

To operate in cyberspace, an Internet casino must have software - the computer programs that are displayed on your computer screen, the software they supply for you to play the games when you enter their URL and click the Go button.

The casino can acquire this software in one of two ways: (1) by developing it themselves or (2) by acquiring it from a reputable third-party software firm.

When you select a casino for play, we recommend choosing one that acquired its software, under license, from a reputable third-party software vendor. This gives one more confidence in the honesty and integrity of the casino. An in-house staff, under local management control, might be tempted to up the odds just a little bit by deleting a ten-value card here and there from their blackjack game for example. We're not suggesting that a casino would do this, but why not go with the casino at which this question should never even arise?

The next question is the choice of software package. Should you consider this when evaluating an online casino for play? By all means yes. The extreme growth of the online casino industry is contributing to the growth of gaming software industry; just as more and more online casinos are being formed, so more and more gaming software firms are getting into this lucrative business.